The California Blog: Santa Monica Sunshine.

Ruig Family RelaxingOne of  my dreams is to be able to travel around and photograph the things I see. A lot of these places I wish to see are those wonderfully exotic looking and untouched by man type locations. Nothing but the raw beauty of the earth. But then, I have a few random places that are completely touched by man that I wish to see. One of them, which I think is the most random one, too, was Santa Monica. Maybe I didn’t wish to photograph it as much as just experience it. I took a few pictures while there. I was so happy to finally see this cool pier.  I snapped this picture of a family sitting peacefully on a bench amongst the chaos of loud performers and crowds of people. The man in particular seemed to be so relaxed as he gazed upon the view.

MPM Productions Saliboat Mountain

Santa Monica is a beachfront city in western Los Angeles, it is bordered on three sides by the city of Los Angeles. The Santa Monica Pier is a 100-year-old landmark originally built on September 9th 1909, to do none other than carry sewer pipes over the  breakers. MPM Productions Santa Monica Ocean View Pier

MPM Productions Santa Monica Beach From AboveSanta Monica’s beach is very different from the beaches you’ll encounter in Costa Rica. For one, the beaches in Costa Rica have palm trees and flora right up to the sand. Even the sand is different, though. Here in Costa Rica it’s very soft and fine. Little bits of shells finely crushed here and there which gives it wonderful colors and textures. Santa Monica’s beach, though wonderful in it’s own way, didn’t have the soft silkiness that Costa Rica’s beaches have. MPM Productions  The Beach

MPM ProductionsMPM Productions Beach View Woman With Hat
Another observation could be that there are a lot of people no matter where you go in Cali. Not that Costa Rica is particularly empty during the more busy touristy seasons, but it’s most definitely not as crowned as Santa Monica was. 

MPM Productions The PierMPM Productions Seagulls Love Sailboats

Our new friend Jenny had drove us to the beach, and spent the day with us, I think that made the whole day that much more fun. Sunshine, laughing, walking around the beach, and checking out stores on Third Street Promenade.MPM Productions Under an Umbrella MPM Productions Ocean ViewingMPM Productions Santa Monica with Seagulls

This was a short one, but I hope you enjoyed it none the less.
MPM Productions Sunny Sunny Santa Monica

When you think of traveling, do you prefer to see the nature, or perhaps more of the cities? Leave a comment below. I’m curious to know where you’d like to visit, or what cities. 


Enchanting River and Costa Rican Weather.


We had recently visited a river but were unable to take pictures because of a group of people having their picnic and bathing in a shallow pool. So, we returned at a later date and were lucky to find no one there. My daughter who is the photographer of our blog, shimmied down a steep embankment further up river and stood in the, what she described “tubs of ice cream cold”, spring water for about an hour until she was satisfied with the results of her photographs. You can appreciate the river and its rocks because the water wasn´t too deep or the river swift.
We are finishing our dry season here in Costa Rica. Seasons are categorized into a dry and wet season, summer and winter respectively. When you book a hotel, the wet season is often referred to as the “green” season. Rains usually start in mid March and get progressively heavier until they peak in October. September and October are the months with heaviest rainfall, ideal for water rafting. The Pacuare River can get up to a level 5 in these months.  There is also a lessening of the rains around June for 2 to 4 weeks, it still rains but not as torrentially. One of my favorite months is November, when the rains are coming to an end. We often take a vacation to the beach during this month. The heat of the summer has not settled in, everything is still green and the prices of the hotels are “green” season prices (cheaper). If it rains it is usually a light shower and the sun soon comes out.

So when planning your vacation, take into account what you want to do and how the weather is going to effect it. Heavy rains can make certain areas that don’t have paved roads impassable, on the other hand they can be ideal for certain situations. Here are my daughters pictures.




A beautiful view of the central valley, as you an see it was a very clear day.

DSC_0804DSC_0720DSC_0823DSC_0683DSC_0732DSC_0726DSC_0688DSC_0852 DSC_0864DSC_0747DSC_0762